Wednesday, October 26, 2011

GEMPAR!: Lelaki bebaskan haiwan buas dan bunuh diri

             Demi menyelamatkan penduduk kawasan daripada menjadi mangsa binatang buas, 50 binatang buas terpaksa ditembak mati oleh syerif di Ohio. antara binatang buas yang ditembak termasuklah 18 oekor harimau Bengal dan 17 ekor singa.

Zoo map

Tragic: Sheriff's deputies shot nearly 50 wild animals - including 18 rare Bengal tigers and 17 lions - across the state's countryside on Wednesday

Stench deathNumerous carcasses lie the ground the barn Muskingum County Animal Farm after dozens exotic beasts were freed last night

Temporary graveyard: The bodies of various dead animals were seen on Terry Thompson's property in Zanesville, Ohio on Wednesday

Dead: Authorities are still trying to capture or kill the wild animal that escaped and have accounted for around 35 of them

Investigators walk around barn carcasses lay the ground the Muskingum County Animal FarmOct      Zanesville  Ohio

The body of a lion, thought to have been shot dead by police, lies in the undergrowth close to the reserve

Authorities: Sheriff Lutz said there are not ruling out any possibility at the moment that Thompson killed himself, or was killed at the hands of another man or the animals

menurut sumber, haiwan-haiwan ini terlepas dari kandang apabila penjaga taman haiwan exotic ini sengaja membuka pagar kandang dan membunuh diri.

Dead: owner of the animals Terry Thompson was found dead by police at the Muskingum County Animal Farm in Zanesville, but cause of death has not been determined
*si pelaku

p/s: kecian dengan binatang-binatang tu.. x pasal2 mati..

sumber: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2050778/Ohio-animals-killed-Lions-tigers-shot-dead-escaping-US-zoo.html

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